Bubble Gumshoe

  • Original Pilot
  • Genre: Animated Comedy
  • Summary: Welcome to Mount Pleasant… where dark shadows lurk around every corner. It's a city where the criminals steal toys, and the dames have cooties. It's a city crying out for someone to set it straight. And that someone is Sam… a fifth-grade detective out to clean up the streets. From his treehouse detective agency, Sam cracks the cases brought to him by his classmates. There are missing toys, mysterious symbols, disappearing homework, epic water fights… and for Sam, the stakes are as high as in one of his beloved Film Noir classics. With help from his mouthy little brother Miles, his eccentric, loving Nana and the spunky school paper editor Roz, Sam will get to the bottom of every case.
  • Credits: Illustration by Kyle Carrozza.
  • Script Sample 1